Casarini srl

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The history of a company is not always a synonymous of continuity and constant development of their own performance…. Casarini made it …. But only thanks to the added value that it was able to instill within the managing crew.
The result of forty years of history is a reality that relies on the support of dynamic and motivated young people fully available as your consultants and partner who are able to carry out any kind of aesthetical, complex or structural project in the mechanical field..

Casarini srl

Casarini srl relies on many employees that have many years experience in sheet metal working 
and they are an asset to the company.

Casarini can supply suitable and customized solutions, ranging from complete sheet metal working to precise mechanical work, to profile bending and robotic welding and operating every function within the company with the goal to guarantee time efficiency as well as keeping full control of every production step.
Always eager for innovation in production technologies and consequently in its wide range of machineries and equipments, the Company competes with the leaders in the sector to offer top quality finished product and customer service.
Casarini is able to efficiently and timely meet all your logistic needs thanks to facilities of over 8000 square meters on an area of 15000.
Thanks to highly skilled personnel and strong motivation to foresee the future challenges of the market, Casarini is an extremely flexible and prompt company ready to support any needs and to contribute to your business success.