Pursuant to art. 13 and 14 of EU Regulation 679/2016 governing the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data, as well as the free circulation of said data, the undersigned company, CASARINI SRL, in its capacity as the data controller, informs you that personal data acquired with reference to the business relationships established shall be processed in accordance with the aforementioned regulation. Furthermore, the company provides the information below concerning said processing.

Data controller

The contact details of the Data controller are:

Company name: CASARINI SRL

Registered office: Via Leoncavallo 11 – 42018 San Martino in Rio (RE)

Tel.: 0522/698372

Email/PEC: /

Personal data collected

The personal data collected essentially concern:

– identification data (company name, reg. office, tel., fax, email, tax data, etc.);

– data relating to the business (orders, solvency, banking data, accounting and tax data, etc.);

– identification data (company name,
reg. office, tel., fax, email, tax data, etc.

These data are provided directly by you or collected by separate third-party data controllers (for instance, by our network of agents and representatives for data relating to contracts and orders or by business information companies or directories, lists or public databases for financial solvency data).

Processing methods

Personal data shall be processed as a hardcopy, a digital copy and online, and entered into the relevant databases (customers, suppliers, accounting, etc.). The latter may be accessed by sales, production, admin personnel, who may become aware of said data and have been specifically appointed by the undersigned to process personal data. Said personnel may view, use, process, compare and perform any other suitable operation, including automated ones, in compliance with laws set out to guarantee, among other things, the confidentiality and security of data, as well as the accuracy, updating and relevance of data for the stated purposes.

Aims of processing

Personal data are processed for the following purposes:

1. to perform contracts entered into with you and to meet the related commitments;

2. to fulfil obligations required by law in connection with the contractual relationship;

3. to manage the contract from an organisational and commercial point of view (for instance, relationships with agents and representatives, contractors to organise activities to be carried out at the customer’s premises);

4. to protect contractual rights;

5. to carry out internal statistics;

6. to perform marketing activities by sending promotional and advertising material about products or services similar to the ones covered in the existing business relationship;

7. Solvency information.

Legal basis for data processing

Pursuant to art. 6, the data are processed based on the consent expressed by the data subject. Alternatively or in addition to consent, data are processed to fulfil a contractual/precontractual or legal obligation, to protect the vital interests of the data subject or third parties, to execute a public interest or exercise public powers, or pursue the legitimate interest of the data controller prevailing over the rights and liberties of the data subject.

Provision of the data

The provision of data and the related processing are required for purposes 1 and 2, concerning contractual, legal and fiscal obligations. Moreover, the provision is required in relation to purposes 3, 4, 5 and 7, regarding the completion of all the activities of the undersigned company that are necessary and functional to the fulfilment of contractual obligations. Hence, any refusal to provide data for these purposes may prevent the undersigned from executing contractual relationships and statutory requirements.

The provision of data and the related processing are to be regarded as optional for purpose 6. 6.

Personal data recipients

In relation to the purposes in section 1, 2 and 4, the data may be transmitted to the following parties or categories of parties below:

  • Transport companies or carriers for aspects related to shipments of goods and customs paperwork;
  • Banks to manage proceeds and payments;
  • Tax authorities and other publicly-owned companies or bodies to fulfil regulatory obligations;
  • Legal firms to protect contractual rights.

For the purposes in section 3, the data may be disclosed to agents, representatives and brokers working for the undersigned company, contractors or self-employed personnel and customers.

For the purposes in section 5, the data will not be disclosed, expect for disclosing statistics in an aggregated and anonymous form.

Purpose 6 does not generally require the disclosure of data externally, except for disclosure to agents or representatives of the undersigned company, who will take care of presenting or sending the material in the cases already authorised by customers with the expression of their consent.

For purpose 7, data may be disclosed to agencies and market intelligence companies.

Furthermore, personal data may be disclosed to other parties if required by law, the contract or if it is required to conclude a contract.

Personal data shall not be disclosed.

Data storage period

The data shall be processed for the time strictly required to fulfil the stated purposes, that is for the period established by current civil law and fiscal provisions.

Please note that the collected data shall not be handled by an automated decision-making process.

Rights of the data subjects

In relation to the above processing, the data subjects may, at any time, exercise the following rights referred to in EU Regulation 679/2016: 679/2016:

  • Right to access of the data subject (art. 15)
  • Right to correct incorrect data and integrate incomplete data (art. 16)
  • Right to delete personal data (art. 17)
  • Right to limit the processing of data (art. 18)
  • Right to personal data portability (art. 20)
  • Right to object (art. 21)
  • Right to submit a complaint to the Supervisory body (art. 77)

These rights are enforceable under the conditions and limits in art. 12 and 23 of EU Regulation no. 679/2016. 679/2016.

Further information in relation to the processing and disclosure of data provided directly or acquired otherwise may be requested from the Administrative Office ( at the company’s headquarters.

Naturally, under this notice other information may be provided to the data subjects, even verbally, when the data are collected.